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Our Team

At Ambitions Behavioral Health, we have skilled team members who are highly motivated to go above and beyond. We provide the best for each client and base our interventions on scientifically proven interventions in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). We focus on efficient practices by using technology to schedule, collect data and more, so we can spend more time with our clients and families.

Training: Our team members have all participated in intensive training including classroom and field evaluations. Through weekly supervision and monthly team meetings, our staff have frequent training that helps us stay up to date with the most effective interventions. We support our team by training in a variety of topics including Autism, Developmental Disabilities, Picture Exchange Communication Systems, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Verbal Behavior, Discrete Trial Teaching, Natural Environment Training, Pivotal Response Treatment, and more! Additionally, each of our staff are trained in First Aid and CPR.

Team: Our teams include a Behavior Technician, Supervisor and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Behavior Technicians have specialized training and typically have obtained Bachelor Degrees in related fields. Supervisors are enrolled or have already obtained Master Degrees and are often pursuing further education in the field of Behavior Analysis. Behavior Analysts are certified by the BACB (Behavior Analysis Certification Board) and have a Masters Degree in a related field. They are required to abide by the Professional and Ethical Compliance Code and obtain Continuing Education Units regularly.
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