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About Us

“Big results require big ambitions” (Heraclitus). Our mission is to inspire and nurture ambitions of children, families and staff using individualized applied behavior analysis services.

Ambitions Behavioral Health is a client-centered, team-friendly and tech-savvy provider of early intervention and applied behavior analysis. Our approach, uniquely focuses on efficiency by using technology, rather than paper, to maximize our time spent with our cherished clients and wonderful team. We strive to help children with autism reach their potential in increasing their social, communication, adaptive, leisure and related repertoires. In addition, we focus on parent/caregiver training to improve their teaching skills and address generalization and maintenance of skills, which promotes caregiver and consumer independence. We emphasize the least restrictive environment and therefore focus on teaching skills that can, in the future, ultimately be taught without our assistance. Our approach uses solely evidence based, behavioral strategies under the Applied Behavior Analysis umbrella.

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